Nokia N series – “What computers have become”

Very sexy Nokia N series site demos the new features of Nokias very sexy N series mobiles… This site using interesting web2.0 functionality…. enabled bythe new N series devices.

First, some phone features:

  • (mp3) Podcast player/downloading software for podcasts
  • Radio including new visual radio
  • Live TV
  • Video capturing and editing functionality
  • Camera
  • Video calls
  • GPRS
  • Nokia downloads –“Get applications direct from Nokia or buy compatible commercial applications. New applications are installed in the “My Own” folder of your device, ready to run. Nokia Download! makes your device work better for you”

The device enables users to utlise online sites via the device, enabling the device to capture media which can be easily posted to online spaces including Vox, Flickr.

“Uploading your photos and videos from your device’s gallery couldn’t be more simple. Choose your favorite images and, with built-in software, upload them to your favorite online galleries at the touch of a button.”

“The Nokia Nseries cooperation with Vox online blogging service lets your friends and family view your words, photos, and videos. Vox gives you seamless access to the popular web services you already use, such as Amazon, YouTube, Flickr, Photobucket, and iFilm, and lets you blog with comments directly from your device. Generous storage limits keep you posting your favorite images and video without ever having to delete a single memory.”

The site has a video community section where you can post your own video mashups displayed geographically, and also categorised via themes.



There is also a hall of fame showing videos from thier “create a comnmercial” on your N95 phone competition.

The contest started in April 2nd and finish in May 27th. Where you have to upload a video showing something in your pocket. If your video enters to the Hall of Fame you could win a new Nokia N95 that week and at the end of the contest, some videos could appear in the final cut of the TV commercial. The winner is selected according to how many views it gets – selected by the community.

For the Photo enthusiasts – World 24h – Life Blog feature on phone

Nokia joins Flickr and allows you to autiomatically shoot photos and upload it automatically to your Flickr account! You can view the image through the Nokia site read the associated description and download the photo too.


For the musical enthusiast

Some models have 8 gig storage space

There is mp3 management/playing software and a way of subscribing to podcasts and video podcasts (vodcasts)

They have a site where toons are recommended

Dance/rock/indie and hiphop are recommended via this interactive flash microsite aimed at the gen yers.

Catch the flying cd covers to win points in a flash game


Some countries offer visual radio:

“See and do more while listening to Visual Radio*. You can see information on the song currently laying, biographies or pictures of the artist, or immediately download a ringtone of the current ong. Even find out about upcoming gigs and records. Participate in your local radio station’s olls and contests right from your device.”

For the TV – video enthusiast:

“Nokia Video Center is the center of your mobile video world. Order
your favorite programs on-demand. Watch and record live TV
shows. Convert videos on your PC into mobile optimised format, then
drag and drop them to your device. Browse video podcast directories
in your Multimedia Computer and subscribe to get new videos.”

Live TV see

“Nokia Nseries brings you live TV in a beautifully
designed package. Intended for ease of use, you can access the
world of Live TV in just a few clicks – where program reminders
and guides let you watch what you want, whenever you want it.
With Nokia Nseries, keeping up with your favorite shows has
never been this easy.”

It also has GPRS enabled city tour guides!

Just speaking to a colleague who is a proud owber of N95, he adds:

It has Instant Messenger, and Google Maps work on it, and his favourite is the Sports Tracker – records your average walking speed and distance by checking in with the satelite….



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