NY Times article: The Web Way to Magazine Ad Sales

“ShopVogue.TV, offers links to purchase the products featured in the magazine’s print ads, while simultaneously showing videos of runway shows, fashion ad campaigns and serial shows created by Vogue. The channel will also have a user-generated component, with visitors encouraged to upload photos of their own fashion looks in an area designated Fashion U Share”

“But Vogue is emphasizing the channel’s entertainment value over its pure advertising impact. “We really wanted to make it feel like a program, not an advertorial,” Mr. Florio said of the new shows. “We don’t want to be in a business that’s about selling goods online. We’re in a branding business.””

“ShopVogue.TV is not technically a retail site; the “shop” function allows visitors to click through to the Web sites of the advertisers or their online merchant partners.”

Stay tuned for a site I have been working on which is in development phase


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