vertical social networks

Interesting article – The Future of Social Networking By Tim Bajarin

Will special-interest sites with social-networking capabilities be the next big thing?

After a conference in the US, Tim Bajarin notes:

“the next major wave in social networking will come from those who focus on networks for the like-minded—sites that tie people together into a community where they can share their interests and passions. Essentially, vertical sites, or like-minded sites,”

He suggests the develoment of a FaceBook like site built around a Scuba diving publication;

“If done well, the special-interest magazine could become the true mediator of this social interaction and serve itself and its community more effectively.”

Some available  applications available to create online community sites include:

“OneSite (, Small World Labs (, or Webpiston (, which is tailored specifically for TV stations and magazines, to add social networking to their sites.” 

He also cites


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