Summary of Zangani’s “How to Define Web 3.0” post

How to Define Web 3.0

“Definition: Highly specialized information silos, moderated by a cult of personality, validated by the community, and put into context with the inclusion of meta-data through widgets.”   and   “Web 1.0 lacked context, Web 2.0 lacked interoperability, Web 3.0 will be a web where websites become web services and access to any information you desire is no more difficult than installing a widget onto your website.”


  • Addition of community weighting to search algorythms
  • Everyone will have a page rank:Social networking will yield a concept called People Search where individuals will have their own RSS feed aggregating their various social networking profies (NB be careful what you pop onto your face book!)
  • Microblogging – blogging in short stream of consciousness fashion on the move from different devices (including pedometers, game consoles, Tvs) – similar to current faceBook news feeds
  • Increase in use of widgets and advertainment

“Even beyond its formal definition, what Web 3.0 will mean for the world is that the internet while be transformed into a massive, universally searchable database and our place in it will be to organize this well-spring of information into slices that are palatable to us. One of the main organization tools that we will use are widgets and a host of data management technologies.”

He cites RSS as the “single most important internet technology since Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau created the World Wide Web at CERN around 17 years ago”

RSS enables us to define our own contexts for information, examples existing already include Netvibes, and iGoogle.

  • He also discusses Expert Systems heralding a “mass personalization where every search that you make and every result that you decide to follow up on means that your next search will be more and more personalized”

ie software agents that surf the web for you based on previous searches and preferences.

Where everything is turned into an RSS feed, privacy will be a hot topic, he maintains that “netizens will hire SEO experts to ensure that their reputations are being properly managed.”

“Web 3.0, access control and role based privacy features will be the speaking points of the day”

  • Increase in advertising using podcasting and video blogging
  • Capatilisation on highly specialised niches of podcast listeners via Recommendations / product placeemnt
  • pre/post roll adds with relevant content
  • Conversation media – “Conversational Media…. to use cults of personality to add creditability to claims made about a product or brand.
  • Entertainment and advertising will blur
  • Increase in viral advertising campaigns
  • He discusses “Active Entertainment” – bounds of internet and TV blur
  • Social newtorking devices where you can interact with others watching the same things as you. Also Related Content and Digg type functions
  • Search agents offering you similar programs – Pandora is a similar audio program in existance
  • TV will be served in “play lists” in HD quality
  • Use of internet as beta for new pilots…if popular TV show results

Suggestion type functionlality where TV watches can comment

“Consider it a massive suggestion box rather than fully democratized television.”

  • “Lifestreams” – Your own brand –> emergence of TV personalities via online channels

“Context is the major driving force behind all Web 3.0 thinking. As the amount of data we are subjected to on a daily basis increases, the only way we will have any chance of using it effectively is if systems are put into place to allow us to refine our context.”


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