N Generation Characteristics

Article by Seana Mulcahy entitled Generation Net-Obsessed discusses the key characteristics of members of the Net generation from the book “Growing Up Digital” by Don Tapscott. It is not a new book but I wanted to post it’s key points as they are relevant. The generation who have grown up with computers and the net ages between 16-29.

“He outlines the top ten themes of this generation in detail. I’ll give you the quick top line:

Strong Independence. N Gens have unprecedented access to information.

Emotional and Intellectual Openness. When N Gens go online they expose themselves.

Inclusion. They have a move toward global orientation.

Free Expression and Strong Views. Probably the strongest theme. It is key to the Internet’s appeal and usefulness.

Innovation. N Gens eat, sleep and breathe innovation, and seek new and better ways to solve problems.

Preoccupation with Maturity. They are more mature than we expect.

Investigations. The focus isn’t how something works; it’s how to work it.

Immediacy. They want instant gratification online.

Sensitivity to Corporate Interest. Enough said — they are sensitive to online messaging.

Authentication and Trust. They must always authenticate themselves and do so with a lot of personalization.”

An interesting statistic she cites here is that

“A recent study from New Paradigm found that 77% of the net generation could live without television but could not live without Internet access. “


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