Stickyness of widget applications

Michale parekh in his post “ON “SOCIAL NETWORK PLATFORM” FATIGUE” discusses the lack of stickyness of FaceBook widgets.

He notes that many clients are opting for widget marketing strategies including the development of FaceBook applications enabling them to attain hundreds of new users automatically, but he asks is this efficient?

“Do the numbers. Add up the potential applications per social network, add up the social networks. Multiply those two numbers.

Multiply that number with the average time per application/widget, and that result with a certain frequency per week of using the lot of them, and pretty much you barely have enough time to do anything interesting in your life, that you can then share in all your social networks.

And we haven’t even added in all the discussion groups you’ll subscribe to within all these social networks.

So if you thought “portal fatigue” and “ipod fatigue” was bad, you ain’t seen anything yet.  Get ready for some serious “social networking fatigue/SNitis”.

It’ll get a whole lot worse before it gets any better. “


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