Social media campaigns – Return on Influence

I read an interesting blog post entitled “ROI Is Social Media’s New ROI

It discusses the value of social marketing campaigns benefit being a return on influence rather than a return on investment.

“What I am saying is that before you can really discern return on investment, you need to understand how you are going to achieve influence for investment and return on influence.”

The point of social media marketing is about forming collaborative relationships with valued customers. It’s a long term strategy for the promotion of brand. It also highlights the value of influence via social networking through permeating target demographic networks.

A good example of this is the campaign for Jeep . This site is the perfect example of a campaign which spreads the Jeep brand via existing social networks.

“Organic Jeep team built, the tip of the iceberg in what will evolve into a long-term, social media party where everyone is invited. Later this Summer, Phase Two will launch with expanded reach into more social media properties, more user-gen interaction and more of that Jeep mojo.”



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