Business in Bites: Google Think

Seems like Google have started a new channel for “Business in Bites”

Good idea but I wonder whether the signal to noise ratio is going to make it worth-while?
TED is excellent. TED is curated.


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Gamestorming and Design thinking

A friend just sent me a great video about Gamestorming.

I highly recomemend the book it mentions: Gamestorming: A playbook for innovators, rulebreakers and changemakers. I have had some great results using techniques from this book in workshops on a wide variety of topics.

As the video states these techniques are being used by both people in business to help businedd solve problems and thinkg differently as well as those using these techniqies for future workshops for designing a more suystainable future and making the world a better place!

Interestingly, I listened to a fantastic podcast yesterday at This Digital Life where Peter Merholz and Michael Dila were talking about ‘design thinking’. One of the points that emerged in this podcast is that the term ‘design thinking’ seems to be an umbrella turned which is used within different contexts:

1. How can we think differently and more creatively within business

2. How we can use design to help affect positive and sustainable change in the world These are pretty different domains but gamestorming can definately be used in both contexts.

The hosts of the podcast also raised another point about the creative class and how we can create a modern and virtual rotary club so that creative class memebers canlend their creative skills to assist with designing a better future. LOVE the idea. Surely there is a possibility in this uber networked world of ours.

Go check the podcast out…lots of great food for thought!…oh and the book…lots of juicy stuff on the book site too

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The Value of UX

A video by Dr. Susan Weinschenk about the ROI of user experience.
It uses cold hard numbers to prove that UX is something that is worth investing in!


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Cute re-usable bags by Lee India

I love this idea.
Reusable bags by Lee jeans launched in India.
Cut your bag up to get a snakes and ladders game, book mark,dice, and other bits and pieces.
Really cute idea.

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Collaborative Storytelling

Nice little site called Storybird for collaborative storytelling.

Great for school classes or just some fun.

Some great illustrations so far.

Check it out.

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Save the beaches trash hotel

Cool project supported by Corona beach to help save Europes beaches.
A hotel in Rome made out of trash collected from the beach…
Check out the site
and a BBC news clip about this:

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Value of User Experience Design

Excellent presentation about the value of user experience design and at what points it should be brought into the process. I have just sent it to some internal stakeholders from work who have project management responsibilities.

If we are to provide better experience for our customers….education is key.

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