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Good article on the New York Times called Multiscreen Mad Men.

It contains feedback about advertising on the m any available screens today by leading online advertisers.

The contributors:

“JACK HITT is a contributing writer. BENJAMIN PALMER is the C.E.O. of the Barbarian Group, an Internet advertising and marketing firm based in Boston. He helped create the ‘‘Subservient Chicken’’ online campaign for Burger King. LARS BASTHOLM is a chief creative officer at AKQA, where he has worked on campaigns for Xbox, Coca-Cola and Motorola. ROBERT RASMUSSEN is the executive creative director of the Nike account at R/GA, an agency that specializes in digital media. He has created campaigns for ESPN, Sega and JetBlue”

A number of products are discussed and the various contributors suggest ways of revamping these brands for todays markets.

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Carlton Dry: Team Dry Campaign

Awesone campaign by beer company Carlton Dry – Team Dry.


It was launched a little while ago..but better late than never right?

This campaign by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne is pretty amusing and cool.

I was led to this site not by a web marketing blog but by a TV ad….a more common scenario now that online is finally getting the ad spend it should and above the line spend is now pointing to the web.
(Hence the late noticing of the campaign – I don’t watch a lot of TV)

Meet some “wizards of the trivial” on the sites theme video who form the Team Dry Team. A team with special skills that are sponsored by Carlton.

For example: meet the Jumpers below.

There’s also a UGC component to this campaign via a competition….join the Team Dry team and get sponsored.

Pick up a 50K sponsorship for a “pointless skill…the type of thing that nobody in their right mind would pay you to do. Carlton Dry will pay you to do it.”

Check out a guy playing the recorder with his nose.

Or the chick with the dancing eyebrows.

Or things you can do with a fat head

Pretty silly but an example of a UGC campaign and an example of an integrated campaign with a rich media online component,  where a company uses above the line ad spend to point online.

Have you a special skill?

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Great Campaign by Trojan

It forms part of MTV’s Viacom network. Using the online channel is a perfect fit for their target demographic.

The brand has aligned themselves with a relevant and important social issue:  pregnancy amongst young adults.

Social media is key to this site – it encourages commentary and conversation whereby users can upload their own videos and engage with the topic of safe sex. The site provides a platform for them to engage with each other and the topic.

There is an artist showcase as well where artists and musicians express their message about safe sex.

It also has a quiz about safe sex, take a pledge to have safe sex, and users can also donate condoms through interacting with the site.

They  have also considered some viral mechanisms:

It has  an embeddable widget and all video content is also embeddable leading to viral seeding around the web.

It’s engaging and bang on for the target demographic.

Nice work.

Src: AdWeek

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Word Your Message Well

Lovely little short film on Scott Goodson’s blog reminding us just how important it is to word our messages well!

Video Here

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Sex in the City Promo

New viral by to promote the new Sex and The City Movie (and a bit of promotion for Apple!)

Snoop around Carrie’s desktop and check out her iCal, see MSN chats between the characters, check out some of Carries thoughts on her “Stickies” , see the movie trailer in the Quick Time player, and link to Carries blog.

It’s interactive and engaging, emotive in the sense that it appeals to out inner voyeur and love of gossip (maybe this is a female atttribute?!)

Answer some questions to unlock site content and win prizes.

The official site has some additional stuff like downloads, and other things, like the “Match Your Man Quiz”.

The viral is playful, it’s rich, on brand and fun.

I like : ) – will send around to the girls for sure

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The New Creativity in Agency-land

Post from Joseph Jaffe in on the “creative” function within agencies : Is it time to phase out the creative function?
Is it time to phase out the creative function? Why departments and dynamic duos no longer get the job done.

Some things I thought were good:

I really liked this next statement which includes consumer co-branding:

The new creativity is one in which every single person present at the party should be able to contribute — from the obvious or lowest-hanging media counterparts to account people to (gasp) clients. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Of course I’m also referring to consumers — from consumer-generated content to co-creation to advanced crowd-sourcing programs.”

He suggests “launch a creative-neutral discipline led by “creative generalists.”

He also highlights the need for blended skill sets within agencies – the 80% creative 20% technical “creative” staff member and the 80% technical and 20% creative “technical” person. This point I particularly agree with…people or teams like this are key, as are good planners and comm strategists when coming up with executions.

He maintains that creativity can not be embodied by distinct people within an organisation and thinks the word “creative” should be banned from all titles.

“…The new creativity is a brilliantly blank canvas that demands complete immersion and representation by all parties, platforms, technologies and approaches. It’s ours for the taking, but it will not be accessible via incrementalist and siloed thinking.”

The comments are a good read – there were 31 responses at the time of posting this.

One commenter recommended the book “Welcome to the Creative Age, Bananas, Business and the death of marketing” which discussed similar themes.

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More Agency Web 2.0 Home Pages

I posted on the new Modernista! site recently and I recently found another agency who have also engineered their homepage around existing web 2.0 sites.

This agency is based in the US and is called Zeus Jones.

Zeus jones site They have also posted some slide shows on (my new favourite site), one of which outlines their credentials and their positioning on digital marketing today.

According to their slide show they believe that “actions speak loader than words” and marketing needs to be used to do things for people not to say things to them, enabling “marketing as a service“.

Additionally they maintain that media fragmentation and digital technology enables marketers to easily deliver on this “service -like” approach.

Another slide show also on is from a conference they presented at where they discuss Marketing in a Web 2.0 World, and explain their marketing philosophy and the thinking behind their home page.

“We believe that interesting brands like interesting people need to be multidimensional”
Their name Zeus Jones is a “mash up that is meant to be a mash up” – classic and modern, powerful and practical, classic and modern etc.

It also sounds like a person and they have created a multi-dimensional persona for their brand all over the web utilising Web2.0 sites.

Their homepage links to their:

  • LinkedIn profile
  • Facebook profile
  • 43 Things profile
  • YouTube channel
  • Online Mii maker (where users can create their own avatars that represent Zeus Jones)
  • (thier own theme song)
  • a cooking blog where they put their favourite recipes
  • and more…..
  • This is a much more considered approach than the approach taken by Modernista!.

    It uses existing sites to help carve out their digital identity. They have participated and contributed to existing communities, differentiating themselves as an organisation, providing themselves with a well-rounded identity and digital footprint, and enabled conversations with members of various online communities.

    Furthermore, the rationale for their approach is clearly defined and also legitimised by their brand positioning and philosophies on digital marketing.

    Nice work!

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    What’s new in advertising and marketing

    SlideShare | View | Great slide show by Paul Isakson.

    Some salient points:

    • Advertising is dead. Marketing is not.
    • Focus on product innovation (Purple Cow concept)
    • Let your consumers help shape your product
    • Create Brand fans!
    • Product and marketing are one (Google, Starbucks)
    • Deliver value
    • Content is king
    • Bring utility (Nike +)
    • Create engagement (Coke zero game)
    • Use web 2.0 to bring in customer insight

    A few points from here that I particularly liked was the notion of involving consumers in product innovation through web 2.0. There are a multitude of extremely cost effective ways to help marketers understand their consumers using web 2.0 sites. Insights gained are so value-able in NPD.

    A book I read last year called Social Media Marketing by Larry Weber discussed how a diet company utilised an online social networking platform to help them get insights into how to position and market their brand. I really think there are so many opportunities to involve consumers online to help with marketing….both on and offline.

    Something else I read on MediaPost this morning also had some interesting points. The post was inspired by Digitas Chairman and CEO David Kenny’s presentation at the recent Advertising Research Foundation’s Re:think 2008 conference in NY.

    “To get a true sense of brand perception, Kenny encouraged the crowd of researchers to take 30 minutes each day to read blogs and other primary sources of consumer feedback instead of relying solely on tools that track brand buzz online.”

    He described how researching the web uncovered a key customer insight which was instrumental for their branding efforts for a new beverage.

    “Examining blog posts, and photo and videos posted to sites such as Flickr and YouTube, the agency discovered an unspoken affirmation among Spark fans which involved proudly sticking out an electric orange-colored tongue–a common side effect of drinking the stuff.

    The campaign ended up incorporating much of the user-generated material inspired by Spark, making the outstretched orange-colored tongues a centerpiece of creative efforts in cross-media campaigns.”

    Digital marketing really extends beyond “advertising” and can offer marketers so many opportunities and advantages on so many different levels!

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    Modernista new site

    Agency Modernista have redeveloped their website using existing web 2.0 tools.

    It is a very interesting approach and a cheap one…

    Why reinvent the wheel when web 2.0 tools are so easy to utilize?

    They use Flickr and to show off their work, their about page links to Wikipedia and FaceBoook, on FaceBook they have a twitter feed and flickr stream, news links to a google search where you can read exactly what people are saying about their site!

    The only custom part of the site is a very minimal menu floated on the top left and a little panel that states:


    Wkipedia is not impressed with this site and have put the following text on their wiki page which is also the agencies home page!

    “The website for this company obscures our logo with their own, and may lead the viewer to believe that Wikipedia serves as their homepage provider. This is not correct. Wikipedia has no affiliation with Modernista and has requested that Modernista cease this use of our website.Wikipedia is an encyclopaedia written from a neutral point of view and does not endorse nor condemn Modernista, but is opposed to being used as a promotional mechanism in this manner for any third party.”

    This site is a bit nuts… very web2.0…very brave….a bit confronting…but cool…..and weird…..but definitely remarkable…..

    10 points for talk-worthiness…… in truely open web 2.0 style.

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