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Cute re-usable bags by Lee India

I love this idea.
Reusable bags by Lee jeans launched in India.
Cut your bag up to get a snakes and ladders game, book mark,dice, and other bits and pieces.
Really cute idea.

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Adidas Augmented Reality Game Shoe

Adidas will release a new shoe that launches a virtual augmented reality game where you use the shoe as a controller.

You hold the shoe up to your web cam when on a website and a virtual reality site pops up in front of you where you can  play a game and navigate by moving the shoe…Three games will be launched including a skating game. The games were developed by 3d game developers xForm.

For more innovative uses of augmented reality check these other examples out.

SRC: Wired

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Clever bus stop ad – Amnesty International

Excellent campaign by Amnesty International in Germany.

It’s a bus shelter sign which has a video camera in it which can detect when people are looking at the sign. When the camera detects people are looking at the sign, a happy looking couple are displayed. When you turn away from the sign, the image changes to show a photo of the same guy hitting the woman.

The message is powerful “It happens when no-one is watching

SRC: Gizmodo

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The Audience is Always Right

Excellent presentation by TBWA which discusses their approach to marketing and advertising, “an approach that shifts communication from brand-centric to audience-centric thinking“.

I have become very interested in user-centered design practices and strongly believe that humans need to be at the center of all marketing and all new product and service design and delivery. It’s seriously the way forward and I firmly believe that organisations that incorporate user-centered design methodologies, and invest time and budget in user experience design, research and well considered planning will be in a better position to create products and services that provide better value for consumers and subsequently better ROI value for businesses.

I have thought a lot about what lies at the core of what I want to do with my life and work and I would really like to make people’s lives better through my work and ultimately help influence off-line behaviour in ways that bring good to the world through the internet. Wow…how’s that for an elevator pitch….

If you have read through my blog you will know that I am also very interested in how people use the internet to express their innate humanness and be more human. Activism has been something that I tend to discuss quite a lot, however I really feel that my focus is shifting more towards reflecting upon how I can better consider humans and human-ness when creating online services and products that affect behaviour. Affecting behaviour is what I do as a digital marketer and what I would like to do as a citizen of the earth.

As Aristotle states:
“If communication is to change behaviour it must be grounded in the desires and interests of the receivers”

(I wonder is Aristotle would have even considered what “communication” would come to encompass!)

I have started a new blog as well where I hope to document my exploration of my interest in design thinking, human-centered design practice and related topics at

Anyway, enough about me……and a few more nods of agreement with this preso by Michael Zorn of TBWA Berlin.

The presentation amongst other things touches upon the importance of the need for marketers and advertisers to provide value for consumers and the need to put the needs of people at the fore-front of activity in order to build trust and a platform for engagement for a brand. It discusses the need to consider context, contact and content, the need to consider and create multiple tribes, and the need for media arts and the theory of disruption.

Read it…it’s good.

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Cool Outdoor Interactive Sign

Check out the interactive sign at Picadilly Circus London by Leo Burnett London

SRC: Ths Inspiration Room

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Eminem Augmented Reality Competition 

Outside Line have launched a cool augmented reality campaign/competition for musician EMINEM.Check out a video about the application below, or enter here.

more about “Eminem Augmented Reality Competition …“, posted with vodpod

The Australian car brand Nissan also just launched a new augmented reality site created by Sydney agency Tequila.

You can check it out here.

SRC:Digital Buzz Blog

If augmented reality is something of interest, I have previously written a detailed post about it called: Connecting Cyber and Real Space

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Green Peace Send a Whale Campaign

Seems creating avatars is all the go.

Create your own origami whale and add it to the pod to tell the Japanese government you are against whaling.

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UN Voices Campaign Case Study – Talking Posters | Digital Buzz Blog

more about "UN Voices Campaign Case Study – Talki…", posted with vodpod

Read more about this campaign on the Digital Buzz Blog

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Krafts New Iphone App

Just spotted this ad in Advertising Age post about Kraft’s new Iphone app – the Ifood assistant.

Users pay 99c to download the app which gives them recipes (using Kraft products), instructional videos and ….advertising.

Interestingly it is being used as a way of finding out information about  users as well:

“For now, Mr. Kaczmarek said Kraft is using the data to understand when and how consumers are shopping, what they’re making, and which ingredients they prefer. Since users need to sign in to Kraft Foods before downloading recipes and shopping lists, that information is sent directly to the company, allowing Kraft to gather information on which recipes are the most popular and which ingredients are most used. Kraft is, of course, running ads throughout the app, some before the instructional videos and some with searches.”

I guess it’s a matter of time till Kraft implement targeted advertising on their platform. For example, if I always queried wheat-free food the app may highlight gluten-free products to me. Users are able to forgive advertising if the app provides utility but advertising is even less intrusive if it’s useful. This is hopefully where things are heading….or it should be!

From the post:
What iFood Assistant can teach marketers

  1. Consumers are willing to pay for utility and convenience.
  2. They will share personal information in exchange for useful ideas.
  3. Use information gathered in a targeted manner.
  4. Look for the “sweet spot” of what your brand can offer consumers.
  5. Mirroring Apple software is a selling point.”

David Armano talks about this in terms of the “3 U’s”  in relation to what he calls the Application Economy. There’s lots of related discussion on David’s blog.


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Pucker Up for Kiss Cam

Site for Mentos called Kiss Cam.

Select your kiss object and review a video content romantic scene, then allow the site access to your web cam, drag a Mentos into your love objects mouth and pucker up.

Pretty funny to see your “love object” pucker up as you lean in….

Made me laugh out loud.


There’s also an associated banner ad, or two that form a part of this campaign.

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